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Here the publications produced by this project will be added continuously.

[10] Zida PE, Néya JB, Soalla RW, Paco Sérémé P, Lund OS (2018) Seed treatment with Eclipta alba plant extract and application of fertilizer confers a combined effect on the yield of sorghum. International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research, 13:96-102.

[9] Zida PE, Néya JB, Soalla RW, Paco Sérémé P, Lund OS (2018) Seed-priming of sorghum with antifungal extracts from Balanites aegyptiaca and Eclipta alba in different agro-ecological zones of Burkina Faso. African J Agricultural Research 13: 2516-2525.

[8] Nandhini M, Rajini SB, Udayashankar AC, Niranjana SR, Lund OS, Shetty HS, Prakash HS (2018) Diversity, plant growth promoting and downy mildew disease suppression potential of cultivable endophytic fungal communities associated with pearl millet. Biological Control 127:127-138.

[7] Zida PE, Néya BJ, Stokholm MS, Jensen SM, Soalla WR, Sérémé P, and Lund OS (2018) Increasing sorghum yields by seed treatment with an aqueous extract of the plant Eclipta alba may involve a dual mechanism of hydropriming and suppression of fungal pathogens. Crop protection 107: 48-55

[6] Zida PE, Néya BJ, Soalla WR, Sérémé P, Lund OS (2017) Hydropriming of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L.) in Northern and Central Burkina Faso applying six hours of soaking and overnight drying of seeds. African J. Agricultural Res. 12:3441-3446.

[5] Udayashankar AC, Rajini SB, Nandhini M, Suhas YS, Niranjana SR, Lund OS, Prakash HS (2016) Acute oral toxicity, dermal irritation and eye irritation study of Eclipta alba aqueous extract in Sprague Dawley rats and New Zealand white rabbits. International Research Journal of Pharmacy 7 (6) 103-109.

[4] Stokholm MS, Wulff EG, Zida EP, Thio IG, Néya JB, Soalla RW, Głazowska SE, Andresen M, Topbjerg HB, Boelt B, Lund OS (2016). DNA barcoding and isolation of vertically transmitted ascomycetes in sorghum from Burkina Faso: Epicoccum sorghinum is dominant in seedlings and appears as a common root pathogen. Microbiological Res. 191: 38–50.

[3] Zida PE, Néya BJ, W. Soalla WR, Jensen SM, Stokholm MS, Andresen M, Kabir MH, Sérémé P,  Lund OS (2016) Effect of sorghum seed treatment in Burkina Faso varies with baseline crop performance and geographical location. African Crop Science Journal 24(2):109-125.

[2] Zida PE , Néya BJ, Soalla WR, Prakash HS, Niranjana SR, Udayashankar AC, Nandini M, Rajini SB, Barrocas EN, Andresen M, Sérémé P, and Lund OS (2015) Increased feasibility of treating sorghum seeds with Eclipta alba extract by lowering concentration of plant extract and soaking time of seeds. Int. J. Tropical Agriculture. ISSN: 0254-8755, 33:2391-2400.

[1] Andresen M, Wulff EG, Mbega ER, Stokholm MS, Glazowska SE, Zida EP, Mabagala RB, and Lund OS (2014) Seed treatment with an aqueous extract of Agave sisalana improves seed health and seedling growth of sorghum. Eur J Plant Pathol (2015) 141:119–132. DOI 10.1007/s10658-014-0530-6